Welcome, Warrior!

My name is Danei Edelen. I am a wife and mother living outside Cincinnati, Ohio. I have been hospitalized five times for my mental illness. I am not crazy, dangerous or violent. I am a mental health warrrior! As my friend Chad said, “You didn’t read it in a book, Danei, you live it daily.” 

Due to COVID, we have all had a taste of the loneliness and depression. Please know you are not alone! You are a mental health warrior as well!

Watch to learn more about being a Mental Health Warrior (Ryanee McDade interviews Danei for “Apple of His Eye”)

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I am thrilled with my knit hat. The color is a variegated teal and it couldn’t be more scrumptious! It’s not too heavy and not too thin for our relatively mild and variable Cincinnati winters, so it’s just right! It’s soft and stretchy while holding its shape nicely. Danei’s stitches are impeccably knit so it continues to look like new even with frequent wear.  It’s a practical but sharp addition to my outdoor wardrobe. I plan to order more colors soon!” 

Charlene B.